There's a lot of chatter out there about the fact that you can jailbreak your iPhone4 simply by visiting the website (not linked, in case you are reading this from an iPhone), which uses a PDF exploit to jailbreak the phone. This was quickly followed by a blizzard of cognitive dissonance from the nerd masses, who like nothing better than to wax retarded about Apple.

One theme that arose quickly was that this was a boon for Apple lovers, because they could now do as they pleased with their phones. A few more sober thinkers questioned why any Apple lover would be pleased that their phones could now be rooted simply by visiting a website. As the realization dawned on a few of the slower thinkers that this meant iPhones were hackable in the worst possible way, a bunch more piled into the fray prattling on about how malware is just as much a problem for Apple as for Microsoft.

Aye, but there's the rub. Malware isn't actually the problem... yet. The most curious thing about this whole debacle, is that when these insecurities become zero-day exploits in the wild, the first thing hackers do with it is try to improve the iPhone for its owner. What other platform suffers from this breed of malware?