This "vintage terminal emulator" makes me inexplicably happy.

I switch all my terminal apps to green text on black backgrounds for that old-time VT100 effect, not just because it's nostalgic, but because it makes it much easier to pick out my terminals from my text editors and various other black-text-on-white-background windows. But Cathode goes the extra mile, with special "features" like:
  • highly curved monitor glass (with reflections!) with a fat monitor bevel
  • slow-fade phosphors
  • thick raster lines
  • authentic "fonts"
  • optional amber phosphors for that high-end hardware effect ;-)
  • faint refresh scanlines
  • adjustable jitter and noise... these are "enhanced" on the free version ;-)
  • adjustable ambient light
  • adjustable baud rate for an authentic coupled modem look-and-feel
Yes, I actually used to do real work on machines exactly like this. Someone went to a lot of effort to reproduce the complete experience. The only thing missing is the 20 pound keyboard with the shiny black typewriter keys.