One of the weirder memes out there is that Macs are only good as fashion accessories, the implication being that people who buy them have more money than sense (or alternatively more fashion sense than common sense).

The meme is especially weird because Macs only come in 1.5 colours--white (is that even a colour?) and unpainted (I'm pretty sure that's not a colour). Their stylistic minimalism means there's really not much there to accessorize with. They look like either a large pad of lard, or an unfinished ingot of metal. As bling goes, they kinda suck.

Over at Sony, they understand how to build computers as fashion accessories.  The Vaio Fall Collection (this is no joke) are available in black, gold, glossy carbon, bordeaux red, sangria red, striped, wavy black, wavy white, arabesque black, arabesque gold, crocodile black, and crocodile pink. CROCODILE. FRACKING. PINK.

The question, then is this: does Sony actually believe this goofy meme, and are they trying to out-do Apple at compu-bling? (They are certainly succeeding!) Or is this meme just another bizarre fantasy of computer geeks who are not known for their fashion sense, and Sony is actually doing the opposite and distinguishing themselves as the anti-Apple?